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Greetings and Welcome to Argyllshire!

My name is Darren McCathern.

My roots are very deeply rooted in this region. My 33rd Great Grandfather was a man named Achaius who was King of Dalriada.

This man was the Grandfather of Kenneth MacAlpin. In all, I am directly descended from 12 Ancient leaders of Dalriada who were the descendants of Fergus The Great.

Fergus and his five brothers came from Ireland to assist their Grandfather Loarn whom was being oppressed by the Picts, and consequently vanquished the painted men from the land, which as a result afforded Fergus being elected the first absolute King of Alba and the Milesian Race.

I am also directly descended from Somerled Lord of the Isles (23rd Great Grandfather). Somerled's capital was the Island of Islay, by his keen sense of battle stratagem Somerled defeated and vanquished the Norse invaders from his lands and subsequently established the reign of the King of the Isles.

We are descended through his son Rognvald (Reginald) Lord of Argyll (1148-1207).

May the Lord bless you in your research!

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